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Fan Submission Project

For The Bebop Beat’s season 1 finale, we’re inviting an extra special guest onto the podcast — YOU!! We’re collecting audio clips from Cowboy Bebop fans that explore the anime’s impact on our lives.

If you’d like to participate…

Please read these instructions carefully

  1. Find a quiet place with as little background noise as possible.
  2. Open your favorite audio recording program — Audition, Audacity, even a note recorder on your phone.
  3. Start recording! Please state your name (or alias) and pronouns.
  4. Capture 1-2 minutes of audio that answers any of the following questions, or improvise your own:
    • Why do you love Cowboy Bebop?
    • How has Cowboy Bebop affected your life?
    • What is your favorite episode of Cowboy Bebop and why?
    • Which Cowboy Bebop character do you relate to most?
    • How has your opinion on Cowboy Bebop changed over time?
    • Why is Cowboy Bebop still important in 2021?
    • What’s your most controversial Bebop opinion?
    • Is Spike Spiegel dead?
    • What happens to the Bebop crew after The Real Folk Blues?
    • Is Ein a good boy???
  5. Save your file. Any format is fine, but .wav is preferred.
  6. Send your clip to with “Finale Clip” in the subject line. The deadline is September 30th.

Submit Your Clip


Here are example submissions by yours truly.

Jamie’s Sample (Sappy Emotional Stuff)

Lauren’s Sample (Ending Spoilers)


We will play some of our favorite submissions during The Real Folk Blues pt. 2 episode. So, please only send audio you’d be willing to share with the public. We reserve the right to edit or omit audio clips for sound quality or time.

Feel free to share these instructions with your fellow bounty hunters! It has been an honor making this podcast for you, and we look forward to hearing your voices on the show.